Friday, August 14, 2015

Life Post: Finishing Off the Summer With Writing

I don't have much to say as I've been doing the same things as in my last several posts. I might have mentioned at some point in one of these that I stopped accepting beta reader requests from people last week because I'm beta reading for as many people as I can handle at the moment. It's like things suddenly boomed, and I'm working with more people than I ever have at one time before. It's cool, but it also means I'm busy with that a lot.

When school starts I imagine that all I'll have time for is school stuff, my own writing, and beta reading, but we'll see. I can't be sure how long I'll keep working with the people I'm working with. Some of these stories are completely awesome though, and it makes me really excited getting to help with them.

My own writing is at the same place it was yesterday when I posted. Well, not exactly the same place. I have worked on editing more of it, but it's nothing particularly note-worthy. I got through more edits of chapter two, so I still need to email out the new version to one of my betas. I haven't actually done that yet.

Most of my day has been split between writing and beta reading just like usual though. I did film a video earlier that I'm hoping to edit and get up today, but we'll see how fast it actually uploads.

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