Monday, August 24, 2015

Life Post: First Day of Classes (Fall 2015)

The first day of classes this semester is officially under my belt, and I'd say I'm feeling optimistic about this semester. I was also reminded of just how much work I'm going to have, but I'm focusing a lot this semester on reminding myself that I'm doing things I love. Last semester I really got caught up on how much work there was and started to hate it. My goal is to get my thinking back to how it used to be: I'm studying stuff I really love, and I really do enjoy it if I stop focusing on how much is being asked of me.

That may not work for everything. I have a theology class this semester, which is the only class that isn't for one of my two majors. My last theology class (freshman year) was terrible if we're being honest, but I'm hopeful this one will be a bit better, if not enjoyable. I'm trying to stay optimistic, but that first class isn't until tomorrow. Even then it will probably take a few classes before I really know what to expect from it.

As for the classes I've actually gone to though, both of them were English classes. That's all I have on Mondays and Wednesdays. It's interesting how that worked out.

I'm at the point of college that (helped by the fact I go to a small school) I've had all but two of my professors before. Of the two I haven't had, one's the theology professor, which I've only had one classes in, and the other is new this year. But I've actually met the new professor. She taught one of my classes last year for one class period as part of her test before being hired. We all spoke really highly of her to the professors who watched her too, and it was really warranted from the one class. So, while I haven't had her for a whole semester, I'm pretty optimistic about both of the classes I'm having with her. I haven't gone to either of them yet though.

That was a bit of a tangent considering I meant to talk about the classes I've been to. They both look like they'll be a lot of work. One's composition theory, which I'm really interested in, but I've never taken a whole class on it and am therefore a bit unsure about diving into it.

The other is senior seminar (specifically for my English major). That's going to be a ton of work, I know. I'm already beginning to comb through all of my past essays from college in order to choose which ones are going into my portfolio and which ones I'm going to expand on for my final fifty page essay. It should be an interesting process if it's nothing else.

I'm also really enjoying the weather today. That's always a bonus. There's such a small time frame where I can walk to and from classes without a jacket. It almost feels unnatural to be at school and not be wearing one. I plan on enjoying that while it lasts. I'm sure it won't be that long before it's getting cold again.

Over on my writing blog, I posted today about including aliens into my fantasy story.Yep. I have one alien in particular who plays an important role in the story, and I talk a bit about that in the post if you're interested.

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