Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Life Post: I'm Feeling 22... And a Bit Tired, Honestly

I wanted to post something today since it's my birthday, but I'm doing it much later than planned. Today did not go that great all things considered. I know this all sounds extremely stupid to most people, but I say that mostly because of the One Direction fandom drama that's been happening. Before today, I'd never had a completely terrible birthday, so it wasn't like today had tough competition for the worst.

Today though I've had to avoid Twitter and Tumblr because being on both was just too negative and not how I wanted to be on my birthday of all days. Because of that, I've missed the majority of what's happened, yet I've somehow still gotten wind of enough that I can't believe how much has been happening. I'm just tired at this point, and I want it to stop. Even avoiding social media, I feel like it's all getting to me. I hate it.

I don't want this to turn into a huge negative rant about that though. It's still my birthday, and I'm ending it on as little of a sour note as I can. Of course, I have strong opinions about all of this stuff, but I'm avoiding actually going into that until another day. I probably will avoid social media again tomorrow since that's the day I'm actually celebrating my birthday with my family.

All in all, my birthday could have been better, but in my actual life, it wasn't all that bad. I can't complain on that front, and I'm trying to just focus on that. No matter how much One Direction is vying for attention at the moment.

Since I only posted my last one of these yesterday, I don't have much to post from other areas of the Internet. All I've done is post a phone vlog where I say essentially the same things I said in this post.

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