Friday, August 21, 2015

Life Post: Last Minute Packing

Currently, I have less than twenty-four hours until I leave to go back to school. Am I completely packed? No. But I'm really not sure if I've ever been completely packed this long before going back before. Maybe I was freshman year when I was terrified and beyond worried I'd forget something crucial. Now I've forgotten things enough that it's hard to be too worried about it. Even if I forget something that is inconvenient, it doesn't fill me with fear like it used to. And there are certain things that I've either forgotten or almost forgotten enough times that there's no way I'm doing it again.

I got a haircut today and also got my picture taken for my passport, both things I wanted/needed to get done before going back to school. While I'm extremely aware by now that I move back tomorrow, there's still a part of me that hasn't accepted that summer is ending. I've reached the point where this sort of thing feels so normal that I don't really feel excited or nervous. It's just a normal thing. The dominating emotion right now is dread over having to move everything into the dorm. I'll be happy when that's over.

Over on my writing blog, I posted the first haiku I'd written since high school. Over on Youtube, I posted another phone vlog. Unsurprisingly, I talked a lot about packing for school in it. I also mentioned in that video that I was going to post the second chapter of my fanfic later that day, and I did post that here.

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