Sunday, August 16, 2015

Life Post: One Week Left

My mom is really forcing me to start packing for school. Today she pulled some of the bigger stuff for my dorm out of the garage, including the drawers that we're taking (because the dorms from last year and this year seriously have almost no drawer space). So now that's all sitting around my room as a constant reminder that I need to fill them up. Plus she's moved around the containers that we already in my room so that they can be more easily opened (and therefore more easily filled with stuff).

Tomorrow I'm definitely going to start packing. There's less than a week until I move now, so I obviously need to get to it. In the past I'd have started by now, but then I've always gotten everything packed that I could and had it sitting around until I left. Five days should be plenty of time, and I haven't been tripping over everything in my room for days now like I have this past day.

I think getting packed is going to take up a lot of time this week. I also have several other things that have to happen before I go back, so I imagine I'll be busy this week with all of that. Plus beta reading and editing my own fanfiction like I've been doing. My goal is still to get the first chapter of my fic up within the first week of school if not sometime this week. I'm back to thinking that I'll actually be able to get it up this week, even if things are hectic.

Over on Youtube, I posted a video about how seeing the first Harry Potter movie before reading the books affected how I view the universe. You can check that out if you're interested.

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