Monday, August 17, 2015

Life Post: Putting Off Packing

Well, it's Monday afternoon, and I can officially say that I have yet to actually start packing like I said I would. In all honesty, it slipped my mind that it was even something I needed to accomplish. Don't ask me how I managed that, but it just had yet to occur to me until I sat down to write this and remembered yesterday's post.

Technically, I'm partially packed already, but all that means is that I failed to unpack a few things at the beginning of the summer (winter clothes, kitchen stuff, etc.). That's nice since it's already packed away, but it's about a third of the stuff I need to take, if that. My clothes are actually about halfway packed too actually because I've been keeping them that way all summer. (It's amazing how little drawer and closet space I have. I have no idea where my clothes even went back in high school. I seriously don't have significantly more these days.)

Most of what I need to pack should be relatively easy to do, but I still need to do it. That's not what I want to make this entire post about, but I guess packing is (or at least should be) dominating my week anyway.

What I've been doing instead is editing my fanfiction and reading, like usual. I'm trying to get as much of that in as possible before the semester starts. I also watched an episode of Korra today because who knows what time I'll have for stuff like that once I have schoolwork. As much as I want to enjoy the final days of summer though, I really do need to start preparing more for school.

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