Monday, August 10, 2015

Life Post: Writing Update (Betas and Outlining)

Two life posts in one day? Yep. I'm not entirely sure why to be honest, since not much happened to write about, but for some reason, I've felt a lot like writing these recently.

Anyway, as I already said, not much worth writing about happened today. Since my fanfiction is with my beta, I decided to take a bit of a break from writing today. I really don't need to since the beta has already gotten five chapters back to me. (She works really fast, and I also think her beta reading style meshes the best with me out of everyone I've ever worked with. I love it.) But I decided I needed a break anyway. In fact, despite what I said about working on that fanfic and nothing else until school started, I may wait until she's gotten through the entire thing before I go back to edit. I'm also seeing if I can find a second beta, since multiple opinions are always a plus, but that's difficult, of course. It's always hard to find betas who don't flake out on you after almost no time at all.

So while I wait on that, I may start outlining a new fanfiction. If I were to start actually writing it, it would be a sort of "just because" thing until I get ready to draft a new version of the other story that I've already written. We'll see what I decide. I'm kind of winging it. Since summer break is coming to a close, I'm being just a bit more lax with myself about what exactly I work on. I'll be stressed out enough with school work once the semester starts. I don't need to be hard on myself now.

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