Thursday, August 13, 2015

Which Harry Potter Character Am I Most Like?

There's a bit of a confession that I have to make when it comes to Harry Potter. I've mentioned it here or there recently, but I haven't sat down to actually say something about it without lumping it in with a lot of other talk.

For years, I considered Hermione my favorite Harry Potter character, but it went beyond that. She was my role model in a lot of ways. I wanted to be just like her, and because of that, I think I tried particularly hard to be like her. While some might view that as a bad thing, I don't. I think it was a perfectly normal thing to do for a kid. Most children look up to people (or characters) like that and try to be like them. This was no different.

But as I got older and more comfortable with myself, the need to try and be Hermione wasn't as strong. I was much more comfortable with just being me instead. And along the way, I started to realize that there were plenty of ways that Hermione and I were different. I'd known that on some level all along of course, but I never dwelled on it because I wanted so badly to be her.

Hermione is still one of my favorite Harry Potter characters, and she always will be because of her importance to me growing up. Although I have to admit that my need to have one favorite character in a particular book or TV show or movie has dwindled as I've gotten older as well, and singling one character out as my favorite isn't really a priority for me anymore.

Still, I can't help but think about which fictional characters I'm most like from time to time. Maybe it's a natural by product of thinking about fictional characters as much as I do.

In the process of that, I've realized that I'm a lot like a good deal of Harry Potter characters, and in many ways, I am as much like these other characters as I am Hermione. That's probably to be expected when I grew up with these characters and spent so much time with them throughout my childhood.

I was so focused on the ways I was like Hermione as a kid that I failed to realize that I have a ton of Ron and Harry in me too. All three of them influenced me a lot. I'd say I have bits of most of the Harry Potter characters in me actually, but the three of them might be there the most. Not all of that is down to their influence on me. I think it also has a lot to do with just being how I am. After all, you're going to be able to find something you have in common with most fictional characters. That's another thing I never realized much as a kid.

So now I'm much more aware that it's not just Hermione that's influenced me but most Harry Potter characters, and I think that's pretty awesome. There are much worse characters to be influenced by.

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