Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Book Review: SEO 2015 by Adam Clarke

ISBN: 1505578868
Published: December 16th, 2014
Publisher: self-published
Read from September 11th to 14th, 2015
Synopsis from Goodreads:
No matter what your background is, SEO 2014 will walk you through search engine optimization techniques I've used to grow countless companies online and show you how to rank high in Google. But first, let me tell you a little secret about SEO marketing...
Most of the search engine optimization advice on the Internet is just plain wrong!


I bought this a while ago when it was free because I figured, why not? Overall, it has some decent information. However, it's very brief and doesn't go into much detail. I would say that it's a decent enough introduction, but despite what's said throughout the book, you really could find all of the information in it on blogs. As I write this, it's selling for five dollars on Amazon for the ebook, and considering how brief it is and the fact all of the information is easily available online for free, I'm not so sure I would say this book is worth it.

From my perspective while reading, at least half of the book seemed to be links to other resources. I didn't go through and check every single one to see how they work, but I did notice that the majority of them seem to be things you have to pay for. That's not necessarily good or bad, but it did make the book feel a bit like an advertisement to all of these other sites.

The information also felt a bit outdated. Despite being labeled as for 2015, it was talking about Google updates from years ago. One other advantage of looking for this same material on blogs is that the newest information will be out there. This book didn't feel as well updated as it possibly should have been.

I'd say that this book is fine if you get it for free like I did, but I just don't think it's worth paying for really. The book doesn't contain a ton of information, and it definitely doesn't contain anything you couldn't find elsewhere on the Internet. But if you do get the book, it's a decent enough introduction to SEO.

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