Sunday, September 6, 2015

Life Post: Labor Day Weekend

I'm home for Labor Day weekend as I write this. Even though it's a long weekend and I'm at home, I've still been working on school stuff for a lot of the weekend. Still, it's nice to have a quick break at home since I won't be back until fall break after this.

I also managed to get the last chapter of my Twilight fanfiction up this weekend, so it's good to not have that on my mind anymore as I get deeper into the semester. I have three one-shots I'm working on now, but those are less of a time commitment. I'm also going to be working on my original novel that I've been working on for years again. I worked on it over the beginning of the summer before putting it aside for the Twiligh fic. Now I'm going to deal with it some more whenever I can, but I'm going to be more focused on school I'm sure.

As far as videos go, I got a phone vlog up when I was still at school. That's about it. I still feel like those are going to be kind of infrequent throughout this semester, but we'll see.

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