Friday, September 4, 2015

Life Post: Packing in the Dark

This feels like it might be the earliest I've ever written a post. (Unless early as in just after midnight counts.) I've taken to waking up hours earlier than I actually need to during the week. As it turns out, I really like it, even if I need some coffee in order to actually wake up. Almost every single day I wind up sitting in the dark. That's partially not to disturb my roommate, but there's also something about it that I like. As strange as that is.

I spent years and years of my life being terrified of the dark. I couldn't sleep if my head was peeking out of the covers because I had an irrational (and knew it was irrational) fear of the dark. Keep in mind, this was years after I would have ever believed in actual monsters. Something about the unknown in the dark really just unnerved me and made it difficult to sleep. College, actually, was what forced me to overcome it. When my roommate was gone I had to sleep in the very small, dark dorm all by myself, and that was what finally desensitized me. Now here I am sitting around in the dark without a care in the world and actually enjoying it.

This morning I didn't just sit around though. I actually had to pack. I'm going home this weekend, but I was so consumed with school things this week that packing totally slipped my mind until late last night. It was one of the first things I did this morning, but since I did it in the dark, I feel like I'm probably forgetting something or packed the wrong thing. It's just a weekend, so even if I did, it won't be a big deal. A reason I absolutely have to make this trip is to pick up some things that I forgot when I came to school last month, so I can substitute leaving some things at school on accident instead.

It's getting around that time where I need to get dressed for the day though. Today's one of my three hour class days, which sounds like it would be miserable, but I actually really like both classes. They're early in the morning and long, but what we do is enjoyable that it really doesn't bother me. Anyway, I'm going to go get ready for that and possibly gather up a few more things I forgot while packing.

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