Monday, September 7, 2015

My Writing Blog

I know I've mentioned multiple times on this blog that I have another blog that I started back at the beginning of the year. It's centered entirely around my writing. That means I post various things I write from flash fiction and other short things like that to posts about longer projects I'm working on. Typically I post less there than I do here, but I do feel pretty good with how much I've managed to keep up with it.

Every time I post there, I mention it in the next life post I post here, but I wanted to make a longer post about it as well. I had an older writing blog at one point where I did things a lot differently, but we're going on two years now since I last posted there.

As an introduction of sorts for that blog, I'm going to post links to the five most popular posts that I currently have over there along with the first paragraph of the post.

Poetry: Introduction - Here’s the thing: I don’t write poetry. I spent most of my life terrified of it like the majority of people. Poetry terrified me.

The Universe is Amazing - I’ve always had a huge fascination with space. Science isn’t my “thing” in the sense that I’m all that good at it. I took AP biology in high school and did decently. I wouldn’t consider myself a miserable failure at biology. Chemistry was more of a struggle, but still not a complete failure. Still, you get to the more complicated science, and the vast majority of it will go over my head.

I Don’t Want to Just Write about Characters like Me - The simplest idea for me when it comes to creating characters is that you can’t make all of them you in a fictional universe. That was a big thing that young me had to come to terms with when she first started writing. I’d say that at least the first five things I wrote (outside of school) all had main characters that were definitely me except maybe “cooler” in some ways. Sometimes I even gave them my name. I was pretty unapologetic about it.

Letter: Dear Old Friend - Dear Old Friend, We haven’t spoken in years. I have no idea what you’re even up to these days. You may not even be you anymore. Who am I writing to? Nothing more than a figment of the past?

What Max and Ruby Showed Me About Writing - You want to know about my all time least favorite television show? It’s Max and Ruby. Does anyone else know of that show? I never watched it myself, but having younger siblings meant I was aware of kid’s shows even when I didn’t watch them.

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