Friday, October 2, 2015

Life Post: School and One-Shots

This past week was significantly calmer than the week before it. In comparison, my workload felt like almost nothing. Today in particular though has been a bit hectic. Even though it's Friday, I have quite a bit still to get done tonight.

In addition to school stuff, I have two one-shots that are out with beta readers at the moment, and I'm hoping to get them both posted this weekend depending on how quick the betas are with them. We'll see. One of them I know for sure will be up, and I have a good feeling about the other one.

Overall though, I've just been working on school stuff. I had my first test of the semester this past week, and I have a presentation next week that I'll be preparing for over the weekend. That's so much of my time these days. Not much else ever happens.

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