Saturday, October 24, 2015

Life Post: Two Nights of Sleep

For the past two nights, I actually managed to get more than eight hours of sleep. I feel so amazing. I don't get only a few hours sleep on a nightly basis, but I do typically have one night of almost no sleep followed by a night of decent sleep and so on like that, back and forth. To have two nights in a row where I get eight hours is impressive, so I'm pretty happy about it.

I'm just happy it's a Saturday and kind of a lazy day. I do have things to do today. I need to work on school work, prepare to be in the classroom on Monday (which is also technically school work), and pick up some groceries (mostly soda since I'm out and need caffeine other than coffee). So far though I've done none of that. I know I'll have time still. I'm going to work on one of my papers as soon as I'm done with this post, which I guess will be right now. I don't have much more to say since things are largely the same as they were in my last post.

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