Saturday, November 14, 2015

Life Post: Coffee and Batteries

Saturday's are by far the best day of the week. Getting to sleep in a bit later and not worry about getting up to go anywhere is the greatest feeling. I did actually get up this morning to go to Starbucks, but since I hadn't gotten Starbucks in quite a while, that felt more like a treat than anything even if it meant getting dressed before I would have been otherwise.

Of course, then I managed to spill coffee on me and my notebook. Thankfully, it wasn't a school notebook, so I didn't stain any school work. I did, however, stain the cover of my notebook where I write down the random ideas and things that I have. (Admittedly, I don't use it has much as I should because I wind up pulling my phone out and using the notes app more than half the time. But the notebook still goes with me just about everywhere.)

Then the batteries in my camera went dead when I was in the middle of filming a video, and I remembered that I was supposed to get more of those and hadn't. Luckily, my sister's giving me some she isn't using, so I'll be able to actually finish filming that video later today. I hadn't wanted to make a trip to the store just to get batteries, so I was going to put it off otherwise.

Other than those two little events, I've had a nice, relaxing day, and I'm incredibly thankful for that after the craziness of the past week.

Yesterday, when my camera had working batteries, I uploaded a review of Little Mix's Get Weird album over on Youtube, so you can check that out if you're interested.

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