Saturday, December 12, 2015

Life Post: The Calm Before Finals Week

I've been having a surprisingly relaxing weekend considering the fact that next week is finals week. I've talked about how my finals week isn't all that heavy in various places on the Internet, so I don't want to repeat myself yet again in this post. I just turned in the last paper I had to write three days early to get it out of the way. Now I just have one conference with a professor and two finals. Neither one of those finals are finals that I'm freaking out about, so having this three day weekend has been amazing. I'm just basking in it before my short day of finals week and then home.

That means I don't have much to talk about here though. Although can I mention that I'm amazed that Star Wars is in less than a week? Because that feels way too close. Each time I see it written down in my planner, I get really excited.

Over on my writing blog, I posted a tribute to the Hunger Games. (One of my goals over winter break is to get better about posting over there again.)  On Youtube, I posted my Project for Awesome video for this year, which is about RAINN. At the time of posting this, Project for Awesome was still happening, so please check out my video and learn more. You could help so many great charities, not just RAINN. Lastly, I posted a vlog. My first vlog in nearly a month and a half actually, so that's another achievement, I guess. Look what I can do when I'm not bogged down with school work.

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