Saturday, December 26, 2015

Life Post: Christmas 2015

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a good one. To be honest, I still feel exhausted from Christmas, so this post probably won't be too long or recount everything from my holiday.

Basically, we had my dad's side's Christmas on Christmas Eve. We were the last ones there because my dad had to go to this out of the way church for mass (he's a deacon), but it was nice. I have half asleep the whole time because I had woken up at three that morning. For that reason, I wanted to wait until Christmas morning to open presents, but I was overruled and we opened them that night. That's not something we ever used to do, but we have for the past three years or so because my siblings team up and convince everyone else to do it. I'll admit that it's not my favorite thing. I'd much prefer waiting.

I got some awesome stuff though, including an Appa plushie like what I've wanted for years. It's sitting proudly on my bed now. I also got new video editing software that I still have to experiment with. And then I got some books, like always.

Afterwards, we went to midnight mass, and I actually had to leave mass early. It got incredibly hot in the church, and not having slept for almost twenty-four hours, I started feeling like I might pass out. We only live a block from church, so I walked home, collapsed in bed, and was out before anyone else was home.

Today is my mom's birthday, so we went out to dinner, and tomorrow is my mom's side's Christmas, so the holiday hasn't really ended for me. I'm honestly just really tired. I'm hoping I can get some good sleep tonight.

After having a lot of uploading problems, I did finally post a vlog from the day before Christmas Eve if you're interested.

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