Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Life Post: Defense and Courses

We're so close to the end of the semester. I can't believe it. Today was the last class for two of my classes, and tomorrow is the last day of classes for the whole semester. Then it's just finals week. That's unbelievable. I was in such a good mood today though because that was all I could think about.

The fact that I passed my defense yesterday is what really helped start the good mood though! Yep. After a long semester full of a done of stress, I had my defense yesterday and passed. It was such a relief, and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I cried out of relief afterward. No joke. It feels so good to be past that.

Helping my good mood was the fact that I found out I was enrolled in the Ivy Tech course I needed to get my science credit. I can't remember if I wrote about everything going on there or not, but I wasn't able to schedule a science course that is required because the only times it was offered were at times of other classes. My school has this program with Ivy Tech (and some other schools) that I can take a class there and not even transfer credits; it's as if my credit is from my school. You get last choice for classes that way though, so I was worried the class would fill up since it is a gen ed. It didn't though, and I'm in. That was such a huge relief because I was going to have a huge problem otherwise.

I guess I'm technically done with classes though because the class I have tomorrow is actually going to be a final exam, even though it's technically supposed to just be our last class period. So this semester really is coming to an end. No one remind me how close I am to finishing college. I can't deal with that thought.

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