Thursday, December 24, 2015

Life Post: It's Not Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate! I know it's cliche, but I honestly can't believe that it's already Christmas. I know the weather is at least partially to blame for it not feeling like it's time for this. We had snow up in Indianapolis once before I came home for break, and that hadn't been much of anything. Then, yesterday, we had a tornado here in my hometown. In December! Needless to say, the weather isn't helping convince me that it's the time of year for Christmas.

It's been nearly a week since my last post, and most of what I've been doing since is writing. I'm writing my sister a story for her Christmas present that's been a struggle recently. I already told her she's probably not getting it actually on Christmas because none of her requests involved an actual plot, and I'm quite stuck at the moment. I'm not just working on that though. I've also started working on two new fanfictions since break started, not that I needed to do that to myself. I'm quite excited about both of them though.

Then I've been beta reading quite a bit. I started beta reading for someone new who sent me a much longer draft than I usually get (typically fanfic writers send one chapter at a time), so I've been working through that over the past week. I just sent it back this morning, and now my goal is to get a different chapter back to another author I beta for. She sent me the chapter more than a week ago now, and I haven't finished with it yet because of the other draft. I know I'll manage to get it back to her within the next couple of days though.

Other than that, I've just been using my break to read a lot. I also went to go see The Force Awakens a second time, which was an excellent decision. I picked out a lot more details this time than I did the first. I've also now seen the movie in the front row and in the second-to-the-very-back row. I've got to experience the movie every way I can. I'm glad I saw it a second time before doing my review because it also helped me gather my thoughts together much more neatly. I plan on doing that review soon.

Over on Youtube, I've posted my first video review of Naruto in six months (embarrassing). I also did a vlog that includes plenty of dog footage.

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