Thursday, December 3, 2015

Life Post: Just Think About the Weekend

I'm writing this after a difficult morning where I woke up at my alarm and then fell back asleep (without hitting the snooze button or anything like that). I woke up to noise in the next dorm about twenty minutes later, and I wasn't late to anything. Still, it's left me feeling a bit out of it, and I woke up with a headache. Not the funnest situation in the world.

This week has still been packed full of things to do. Today is the day where I only have one class, which is awesome, but I still have plenty that I have to get done today. I just keep reminding myself that there's today, tomorrow (which will be even worse because I have an early, three-hour class), and then it will be the weekend. I can make it until then.

Over on Youtube, I did manage to get up a Star Wars tag video that I filmed days ago. You can go watch that if you're interested in what Star Wars planet I would live on, my Star Wars name, etc.

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