Friday, December 18, 2015

Life Post: Seeing Star Wars Opening Night

Since my last post, I've both gotten through finals week and gotten home for winter break. I am so relieved to say that I'm completely finished with the semester. There were tons of awesome things about last semester, but there's no denying that it was exhausting. Next semester looks lighter (in comparison to the last at the very least), and that is also a relief. (If I start complaining about my workload next semester, someone remind me to compare it to this one.)

While all of that's exciting though, my excitement over it being winter break has been overshadowed since yesterday. I went to one of the first showings of the new Star Wars at our local movie theater. Guys, that entire movie theater was Star Wars showings. Maybe five theaters were playing different movies. The other screens were all Star Wars, and I swear at least half of those were for seven o'clock showings with the others for slightly later showings.

We walked into the movie theater to see a reporter and a camera guy from one of the local news stations right inside the door. We stood in line to give the theater worker our ticket (something that doesn't normally involve a line at this theater), and the line was right next to where they were filming. A bunch of people dressed up as Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, and Kylo Ren were taking pictures with people, and that's what the news people were mostly focusing on. It was exciting. The whole atmosphere of the place was just fun.

I'm going to do a full-fledged review of the movie, so I won't go into that here. No worry about spoilers. What I will say is that I loved it. Aside from a few things I would have changed, I think the movie was overall amazing. BB-8 is amazing, and I feel terrible admitting that he and R2-D2 are warring it out for my affections. I'll just leave it at that for now. That's the initial reaction I've posted online aside from my excited tweets immediately after the movie that boiled down to, "AMAZING. I want to say so much but spoilers." I've calmed down a bit now, but not much. If I let myself go now, I'd ramble for ages about the movie, which I'm borderline doing now. I need to make myself stop. This is why I'm waiting a bit to write (or possibly film, I'm not sure yet) the review.

I also have to mention that there was a Fantastic Beasts trailer before the movie. When we were sitting in the theater a few minutes before the trailers started, it occurred to me for the first time that the Fantastic Beasts trailer had just been released several days ago, and I had an "Oh my God. Is it going to be in front of the movie?" moment. But I forced myself to calm down because it probably wouldn't, and I shouldn't get my hopes up. Then lo and behold it was in front of the movie, and I got way too excited.

Speaking of getting really excited though, one of the greatest things about seeing the movie opening night was the reaction from the audience. I won't go into everything that got reactions because that guarantees spoilers, but the cheering as soon as the trailers started, as soon as "Star Wars" popped up and the music began playing (oddly enough it happened then and not for "a long time ago..."), and at the very end of the movie all helped make the whole thing feel more exciting. I loved it.

Like I said though, I'll keep going on forever if I don't make myself stop. I need to save something for the actual review. (I say as if I don't still have enough thoughts to fill a hundred blog posts.)

The last thing I have to mention is that I posted again on my writing blog. I really am getting better at updating it again, guys! It's just something short and pointless that I wrote during one of those moments where I was just trying to get words out. Then, over on Youtube, I reviewed The China Mirage, which is a book about America's relationships with China (and to a lesser extent Japan) over a long period of time.

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