Friday, December 4, 2015

Life Post: Star Wars Tickets

Today's to do list is currently as long as most of my to do lists are when I wake up in the morning. And it's past seven at night. That's not because I haven't done anything today. This is less than half of what was on the list this morning. Thank god it's the weekend tomorrow, so I'm not too worried about it. Tomorrow's to do list isn't incredibly long, so it looks like I'll be finishing all of this stuff up then.

I'm not going to complain though. So far the end of the semester is going as well as it can be expected to. There's a lot going on, but things are good. At least I enjoy most of my classes. Even the one that I'm not overjoyed about isn't terrible. Things could be so much worse.

Oh! I can't forget to mention that I bought Star Wars tickets today for the Thursday it comes out! I'm so excited! Yay! That's actually the Thursday after finals for me, so that's excellent timing.

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