Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Life Post: Ice Breakers and First Classes

After the second day of the semester, I can say that I've now gone to each class I'll be having this semester. Each class looks like it'll be a good one.

One of them is three hours long, but for a lot of that time, we'll be in a school. So that's not all that bad.

The other class also includes a practicum, so even though it's also shorter, we won't be spending every single class period in the classroom. That class is also with a professor I've had before and really like, so I'm excited for it.

This is probably something I've never explicitly told the Internet (not much reason to without it being out of the blue), but I'm a terrible liar. Even if I'm not lying but I think that people think I'm lying, I start acting suspicious because I'm worried that they'll think I'm lying.

In one of my classes today we played an ice breaker game that involved writing down secrets and then the class guessing whose was whose. I kept getting picked on over and over because everyone thought I looked suspicious when in reality I was just so conscious about looking guilty that I looked guilty.

There was also someone else who chose the secret that they were writing a novel, which is also true for me but not what I picked. One of the guys chose me because he said it sounded like me. When I said that it wasn't, he was like, "But you are writing one, right?" And when I said yes, he tried to lobby the professor for half a point for getting that right (didn't work). I thought it was interesting because this isn't someone I'm close to, just someone I've had classes with because we're both education majors. I'm sure I've talked about being a writer in his presence before, but I always get caught off guard when I'm reminded how small my school is. People you don't talk to outside of class all that much can pick up a surprising amount of information about you just because you wind up in so many classes together.

The only bad thing about the semester so far remains the weather. It was warmer today, but the wind was so bad that you couldn't actually tell. It also snowed again. (There was ice/snow on the ground Monday, but it wasn't coming down like it did today.) I think we're supposed to be done with it now though. Sometime later this week I think it's even supposed to rain. I hope that stays just rain and washes the snow away.

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