Saturday, January 2, 2016

Life Post: Our Dog's Health Issues the Past Few Days

By the time we reach January, winter break always feels like it's flying by. It's hard to believe there's only a week until I go back to school, but then again, our break is a week or two shorter than normal this year. (I have no idea why.)

There's been a bit of drama here the last few days. One of our dogs got kind of sick, and we're still not exactly sure what's going on. He got oddly lethargic at first. I noticed it a day before things got significantly worse. By Thursday, he was hardly moving at all. He'd just lay there. He began letting out yelps at random times when he wasn't doing anything, so it became clear that he was in pain even though we couldn't figure out what was causing it. Everything on the outside looked fine, and there was nowhere we touched him that seemed to cause pain.

Around the same time, we realized he was hardly opening his eyes, but at first, I think we all took that as a sign he was feeling tired, not because he couldn't open them. Until it became obvious that there was something more than that. By Friday, he was opening one eye all the way, but the other would hardly open and would twitch when he tried. That made it obvious that something was wrong with at least one eye. (I don't know if the other one just got better much quicker or what.)

Today things are significantly better. He's not as lethargic. For the most part, he's acting normal. One eye still twitches, but he's opening it wider than before. We still don't know what's causing it because his eyes look fine when opened. There's nothing visibly wrong with them (except the twitching).

It's really torn me up. On Thursday night, I was terrified for him, and I wound up having a nightmare that night that he died in the most gruesome way possible. That shook me up pretty badly, and I went to check on him immediately after waking up. Luckily, he was doing better at that point, and I felt much better. And he's only kept looking better. So I've been worrying about him for several days, but other than a few panicked posts on Tumblr that I used to release my fear, I've tried to only talk about other things on the Internet. I didn't want to go on terribly as it was happening and sound upsetting. I feel better about it now that he's improved so much. Fingers crossed that he keeps getting better and that his eye is fine.

Our other dog's already partly blind though, and if he winds up losing vision in his eye for whatever reason, that would be highly preferable to so many other things. It's the younger of our two dog's that this has been happening to, and since I've always worried less about his health than our older dog's health (who's partially blind and deaf enough that she can only hear extremely loud sounds), I think the whole thing caught me even more off guard.

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