Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Life Post: Work and a Signing

It's strange how we got Monday off, but this week feels like it's been one thing after one thing. I've been so busy just working on stuff. It's good though. I think I've liked it. It's not the sort of work I had most of last semester. It isn't as difficult. I've just been working on a lot of it.

My sister and I went to a Roxane Gay reading last night. She signed copies of her books afterwards, so I have a signed copy of Bad Feminist. I'm really excited about it. She also write "Embrace your bad feminist" on the inside, which is perfect. I love it. Her reading was great as well. Not only is she a very talented writer, but she's excellent at reading it to an audience.

I only got to talk to her briefly while she signed my book, but she also seemed like a very nice person. She was chatting with everyone in line, laughing and making jokes, and she told us to have a nice night as we left. She said some really awesome stuff in the Q and A as well about not bothering trying to talk to people about feminism when you know you can't change them and about social justice being tied up in people's lives. It managed to be both hilarious and really intelligent. In other words, the event and Roxane Gay were the best.

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