Saturday, February 27, 2016

Life Post: Almost Midterm Week

I'm starting to have to face the reality that midterms are next week. Luckily, that's not too scary because I don't have a lot of tests. I have one cumulative test and one test that's only on a couple of chapters. My midterm grades in my other classes are based on different projects.

Honestly, my biggest worry about midterms is that I have to take one of my tests at a testing center as another school (for my online class) that I've never been to before, and whether or not I'm capable of finding that room in an unfamiliar building has me more worried than the test itself. I already used Google maps to find my way to the campus, and that seems easy enough. Google maps doesn't include a blueprint of the building, but theoretically, it should be easy to find going off the room number.

Anyway, in other school-related stuff, we had a school visit for one of my classes, and it happened to be at a school that I've had a past practicum at. It was also where I was going to student teach at, but then some stuff happened. (I don't feel like it's my place to go into more detail since it's not about me, but it wasn't anything bad. I don't want my vagueness to make it sound like that's the case.) I'm not going to lie, the visit made me just a little bit sad all over again that I'm not student teaching there. The principal even apologized for it while I was there even though it's not his (or anyone's) fault. It really is a great school. I have yet to visit the school that I'm actually going to student teach at, so fingers crossed that I like it there too. I think I will based on what I've heard.

When I think about what I've been doing this weekend, I realize that I don't even know. I've slept more than usual, but beyond that, I feel like I've been keeping myself busy. It's just that I haven't done anything note-worthy to stick out in my memory.

Tomorrow I'm going to start packing to go home for spring break (which still doesn't feel like it should be happening with this weather), and I plan to study more than I have so far this weekend. I may not be that worried about my midterms, but I still need to study a reasonable amount in order to maintain that level of confidence.

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