Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Life Post: Long Week

I didn't realize it had been three days since my last life post until I sat down to do this. It's not that that was a long time ago. It's just that this whole week has felt strange. I realized yesterday that my throat was starting to bother me, and I'm pretty confident now that I'm getting sick. That's probably at least part of the reason. The return of snow isn't helping at all. It's been way too cold the past couple of days.

In better news though, I finished up a draft of one of the fanfictions I've been working on just this morning. It's now been sent out to two beta readers, so I should hopefully get it up soon. I think I'll be finished with another one soon as well, but I still need to find beta readers for it.

After this week, I'm hoping that absolutely nothing happens this weekend. I feel like I need time to just lay in bed and do nothing and hopefully not get really sick. We'll see what happens.

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