Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shadowhunters Review: 1x07 "Major Arcana"

For the last three episodes of Shadowhunters, I have done my reviews as videos on Youtube, which surprised even me. This week, though, I'm doing it as a blog post. Maybe this will keep me from rambling on quite as much about the episodes as I have in my video reviews. (Seriously, my review of the last episode was twenty minutes. I know that's a little ridiculous.)

Anyway, I large part of this episode was Jace, Clary, and later Alec and Isabelle trying to sneak around the police station in order to get the tarot cards that Clary believes contain the Mortal Cup. I liked the use of glamour to sneak around unseen by the mundanes. I don't think glamour was really utilized that way in the books to the extent it was in this episode.

Although she was really destined from the beginning to be nothing except a minor character, I feel a bit sad about the woman Luke worked with being killed. (I also feel terrible that I can't remember her name.) She seemed pretty cool, so it would have been nice if she had lived, not that I would have expected her to have any sort of big role in the show in the future.

Simon. Poor Simon. I'm pretty sure I repeated that to myself a million times while watching the episode. He's freaking out as he turns into a vampire, and his best friend won't even talk to him. I get that Clary is doing something important and that she doesn't realize that what Simon needs to talk to her about is so important. Still, he told her how important it was, and I would have appreciated her taking him seriously and giving him just five minutes to  tell her what's going on. Instead, she listens to Jace and leaves Simon to deal with all of it alone. If she'd bothered to talk to him, I highly doubt he even would have gone back to the Hotel Dumort and Camille, which means he wouldn't have been turned at the end of the episode.

Obviously, Simon has to become a vampire. I wouldn't be happy if they diverted from the books in that way. I just wish it hadn't involved Clary completely dismissing her best friend. While I think the TV show is doing a great job with a lot of the relationships, I'm not liking the way they're developing Simon and Clary's friendship, and that became especially apparent in this episode.

Unhappiness with Clary and Simon's friendship aside, Alberto Rosende is doing an excellent job as Simon, and I'm feeling happier every episode that he was cast. I'm also loving the fact that we're going to get vampire Simon next episode. The preview looked awesome.

While Simon and Clary's friendship isn't the greatest, Isabelle and Alec's relationship is pretty much perfection at this point in the show. I loved the scene where Isabelle tried to get Alec to talk to her, and when he wouldn't open up, she told him she would be there for him when he finally wanted to talk to her. That scene was perfectly done. Looking back on it, I don't think I appreciated Isabelle and Alec's relationship enough in the books, although it was always there. Something about the TV show is making it more apparent to me. Possibly because they can be focused on more whereas the books (especially the earlier ones) focus more on Clary, who can't observe the more intimate moments between Isabelle and Alec. But they pretty much have the ideal sibling relationship, and it's wonderful.

Speaking of Alec, i.e. my favorite character, I loved the brief Malec comments we got even if it wasn't much. It's developing perfectly. In fact, this Tumblr post I reblogged describes my feelings about Malec so far perfectly. I also loved the scene where Isabelle got him to flirt with the police officer, and Alec proceeded to act like a complete dork, yet still managed to get the badge for Izzy. Perfect.

I really do feel like the show is doing such an excellent job with Isabelle, Alec, Simon, and Magnus as individuals as well as a lot of their relationships with each other. I still don't know if I feel that way because I was already biased towards those characters (they're my favorites from the book) or if the show is really doing a better job with them than with Clary and Jace.

I'll probably never quite figure that out because I'll always just be biased towards my favorites.

Anyway, I think those were my biggest thoughts during the episodes. The sneak peek for next week with Alec and Magnus has me very excited, and as usual, I can't wait.

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