Sunday, February 28, 2016

Supernatural Review: Season 7 Second Half

I reviewed the first half of this season about two months ago, and I watched the majority of the second half relatively soon after that. As far as the very end of the season is concerned though, I've been lagging. I haven't been watching it very frequently. Because of that, it will probably be difficult for me to remember some of the stuff in this review. I wouldn't expect much from this, but I feel like I have an obligation to write this by now.

After that introduction of sorts, it's probably not surprising that most of what I have to say is just that I feel bored. It's not that these episodes are bad. They're not. They're just not holding my attention the way earlier seasons have. I still want to watch the rest of the series, but I don't think I can do it immediately.

I was planning to talk specifically about the episodes, but instead, all I can find it in myself to talk about is this general feeling I've been having lately while watching. One that I don't know the cause of. It could be the show itself; it could be that I've just watched too much and need a break.

These episodes weren't bad. At least, I can't find anything to complain about with them. There's just something I can't put my finger on that has me less than eager to watch anymore of the show. When it comes to the leviathans, I don't feel as invested in whether or not Sam and Dean can stop them than I've felt about the main villains in past seasons. I just all around don't care as much anymore.

All of that being said, I'm going to take a break from watching Supernatural. I don't mean for it to be a long, drawn out break, although I don't know how long it will be. I just think I'll enjoy the next seasons more if I don't watch the show for a few months or so.

When I do start watching it again, I'll do reviews again, and hopefully I'll have stuff to say that isn't all of this. Because I really don't think the show is bad so much as it just feels like more of the same and I'm getting bored. We'll see how I feel about it later on.

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