Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Where I Post Writing Online

I know I have a contact page on this blog that includes a lot of these pages, but I'm writing this post to kind of conglomerate all of the places I post writing on the Internet. That includes writing in just about any form, which means I'm including Twitter, but I am going to not post forums or things like that.

Obviously, this blog is one of, if not the, biggest. I don't have to link that when we're already there. I do have another blog though, and it's actually my "writing" blog. This blog is about my life and books and other things I enjoy. That one is more for creative writing I do.

I had an older writing blog that I stopped using a long time ago. I won't link to that one. It wasn't quite like my current writing blog in that I tried posting longer creative writing projects and fanfiction. I decided to stop doing that after a while.

Then there's the social media. I'm only going to post Twitter in this category. I'm not including Tumblr because I hardly write anything on mine. That kind of sucks since I always want to get better about actually using Tumblr for writing in some way, but I always fail because I can't figure out what niche it should be for me. I accomplish all the writing I want in different places. Tumblr has always been something else for me.

I do have one Tumblr that is for writing, but it's for fanfiction in one specific fandom. Since I already post fanfiction on two other websites, I'm considering getting rid of that blog, so I won't link it here either.

Instead, if you want to read my fanfiction, I'll point you to the two places I can't see myself stopping posting on any time soon. The one I've been posting on the longest is FF.net. I've been there for nine years, so you can see my oldest fanfiction there. The other site is AO3. I began posting there more recently, but it has all of my fanfiction for the past several years.

For now, those are the only sites I can think of that I write on regularly, but I'll update this post if I think of any more.

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