Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Used to Not Like E-Readers, but Now I'm a College Student

For a long time, I was against e-readers. I've loved books for pretty much as long as I can remember, and that doesn't just mean loving reading. I fully believe that there is something special about books themselves that comes from knowing what they hold inside of them. Because of that, I didn't want an e-reader. Despite being capable of holding more information than one could dream of fitting in a physical book, they weren't able to conjure up the same magical feelings as books for me.

They still don't. If I were given a choice between a physical book and an e-reader, there's a good chance I would choose the book outside of circumstances.

I did eventually get an e-reader though, and I think that college has made me far more enthusiastic about them than I was before. You can only lug tons of physical books between your dorm and your home so many times before you're sick of it. Carrying one e-reader that holds just as many books is nowhere near as tedious.

I won't go into that more here though. I wrote an article for College Lifestyles all about why I think e-readers are such a great item for college students. In that article, I lay out several of the reasons I've become convinced that e-books may be a better choice at least while you're a student. If you're a college student and are trying to decide whether an e-reader is right for you, I recommend checking it out.

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