Friday, March 18, 2016

Life Post: Busy Week and Big Exams

I was right about this week being a busy one, although I did manage to get things under much better control later in the week. The huge rush that came with the first few days of being back from break has subsided. For a few days I was definitely a bit tired and rushing to get stuff done as quickly as I could.

The biggest news of the week, though, is that I took the first of my two licensing exams to get my teaching license. (The one I took was secondary education pedagogy. I still have to take my English content exam.) I don't get the official score report back for ten days, but they give you a pass or fail when you finish the test. Technically, since it's not official, it isn't a guarantee that you passed or failed, but I mean, the likelihood that it's wrong it almost nonexistent, since the entire test is multiple choice and can be immediately graded.

Because of that, I don't feel too worried about going ahead and saying that I passed. Let's hope that's what the official report says too, since I've already said it in multiple places on the Internet.

Despite feeling terrified when I went in there, the test went really well. I struggled a bit with submitting the test at the end because I suddenly felt terrified after calming down during the test. But I really do feel like I knew the material well. It's nice to feel like you're college education actually led to something. It's also such a huge relief to have taken the test.

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