Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Life Post: Midterms

I'm probably making a mistake writing this so late in the day. Each time I've done this in the past I've wound up rambling about nonsense. When I wrote my last life post, though, I talked about how this coming week was midterms, and now the midterms have already happened.

For my online class, I had to schedule to take my exam in the testing center at the community college that my online class is through. (And made the stupid mistake of scheduling it for the same day that I had to take my only other midterm.) I'd never been to that campus, and I was more worried about getting lost than the test itself. In the end, I didn't get lost, but I also didn't park in the most convenient place considering where I ended up. It was easy to find, but man, the atmosphere just has to leave you feeling a little nervous.

You're in this room full of computers, and the staff members can see everything on each computer from their computer (and have to control it to get you into the test). You're not allowed to bring any possessions with you to the computers (there are small lockers) except what your professor has allowed you to have, and they check what you've brought before the test (and had to keep the notes I'd been allowed to write). I know why all of those steps are in place, but since I'm not used to that for my finals here at my...primary? (I don't know how to phrase it but where I go full time as opposed to this community college) I've never had a midterm like that.

All of that being said, I passed, and it wasn't like it was a bad experience. Just something that I wasn't used to. I'll have to take my final the same way, and I don't think it will feel as intense doing it the second time.

My other final felt very laid back in comparison and was like all of the other midterms I've taken in college. I can't tell you how well I did on that one since I didn't get to automatically see a score like I did my online test, but I don't feel like I did a bad job.

I do have a class tomorrow before it's officially my spring break, but it's not a midterm, which means that I kind of feel like I'm done anyway. Now I'm just dreading packing up the car tomorrow while it's supposed to be snowing and/or raining all day. Then I have to endure the long drive home. If anyone ever manages to invent teleportation, they will be my favorite person.

You know, I had planned to talk about the meeting and school visit I had earlier this week too, but I think I've written enough here already. It's not like I have much to say about other than what they personally made me think about, so that's not much of a big deal.

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