Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reign Review: Season 3 Episode 11: "Succession"

Reign is back after three months! It makes me so happy to say that. It's been even longer than three months since I wrote a review because the last three episodes to air I made video reviews for instead. The long break was also unexpected to me, so I don't think I even mentioned it in my last review. I don't know enough about television to know if there's significance to the break and Reign being moved to a summer season. All I know is that I'm happy it's back, and I definitely had a moment while watching the episode where it all came back to me how much I love this show. Maybe the break did help amplify that.

I'm really happy that Charles has managed to grow on me as a character, especially considering he's now officially been crowned. In a similar vein, I'm happy that Gideon as grown on me. I wasn't sure about him at first, but I really like him. The relationship developing between him and Mary is really nice, and my heart broke when his daughter told Mary that she wanted her to be her mother.

Lola made another appearance from England, which got me excited, and I'm happy that her and Elizabeth seem to be making some steps towards being friends. I still want Lola's ultimate loyalty to be to Mary (and would like Elizabeth and Mary to be friends too), but a possible friendship between Lola and Elizabeth is exciting towards me. So I like that Lola told her about William.

Christophe, however, is a character that hasn't grown on me. He's always felt a little strange to me, and I think that I can safely call him a sociopath after this episode. When the hints were being dropped about the butcher, I thought it was odd how blatant and in your face it seemed to be, so I appreciated the fact that it was a false lead.

It's been a long break, but I don't remember suspecting Christophe as the killer. I did always dislike him though, so I can't say that this was a surprising turn. It's chilling, though, to see him threaten Catherine, and I think I'm actually worried to see how that storyline goes. I'm sure Christophe will be found out eventually, which I'll be excited to see, but who knows what will happen before then.

The episode ends with Mary declaring she's going to the Vatican. I've talked over and over again about wanting to see Mary go to Scotland, but the Vatican was never an option I considered. I'm actually stoked for this. The Vatican could be a fascinating setting, and if the Pope is a character, then that would be even more interesting. I have no clue who the Pope even was at this point in time, but I'm tempted to look it up now.

The most exciting part of this to me is that it will give us a chance to see how they handle the characters being split up among so many places, in addition to England. I think switching between England and France so far as been a success, so I have high hopes. And I think this is a good indicator that we'll see Scotland eventually, which I am ready for.

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