Sunday, May 1, 2016

Life Post: Be the Leaf

This marks the last day before finals, and while I feel prepared, it's still finals week. I know that it will feel long, especially since I have to move out of the dorm immediately after finishing.

Of course, it's not like it will be a new level of busy-ness. This past week might have actually been busier now that I've stopped to think about it. I had a big meeting about my clinical internship that will happen next week, and while that's really only the significant thing to mention about last week, there was plenty of school work in addition to that. I think about half of my big "end of the year" stuff was due last week and the rest of it is this week.

I can't write this post and not talk about the fact that I now have Janet Varney's autograph (i.e. the voice of Korra in the Legend of Korra). My sister volunteered at Indiana Comic Con and got it for me. Honestly, I get excited all over again whenever I think about it. Plus, it happening right before finals was a nice bit of excitement in between studying and writing papers. (And she wrote "be the leaf" and "wish you were here" on it. It's just the best...)

Over on my writing blog, I wound up posting the letter of reflection that I wrote as part of my senior portfolio, so if you're interested in reading some introspection on my part, that's there. Over on Youtube, I thought a bit about why I read, and I posted my monthy wrap-up and TBR.

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