Monday, May 2, 2016

Naruto Shippuden Review: Episdoes 321-325

Oh, wow, it's been a while. Two months ago I posted a Naruto review for episodes 301-305, and then, for the next two months, I proceeded to post all of my Naruto reviews as videos (which is strange for me). Now I've gone a span of twenty episodes without doing a review here on the blog. I think it's time to change that.

And this seems like a good set of episodes for it. I really have been enjoying all of the episodes I've been watching lately, even the ones that err more towards filler than anything else. There hasn't been anything close to ninja ostriches, so that helps up my enjoyment of any particular episode a bit.

These five episodes in particular were great though. How could they not be? Naruto and "Madara" (who they finally learn isn't the "real" Madara) finally meet face-to-face. I loved the build up of that and how it was used as a cliffhanger as well. Really, even though some other stuff happened in these episodes, that's the thing that's primarily on my mind because everything else just felt like buildup for it.

That being said, I do have some other things to say: First of all, seeing the Kage all fight together was exciting. Almost as exciting as Bee and Naruto reaching Madara. In that small scene where so many people died and the guy saved Naruto even though he was only a clone, I loved Naruto's reaction and just everything about that scene. And this was also only a small, tiny bit, but I just have to take a moment to say, yet again, how much I love Gaara and Naruto's dynamics.

As for the fight with Madara, I don't actually want to say much since I'm only at the beginning of it all. I'm excited that Kakashi and Guy showed up, and I'm excited to see what happens next. For now, I think that's all that I have to say.

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