Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Reign Review: 3x11 "No Way Out"

My biggest disappointment with this episode is that we didn't get to see Mary at the Vatican. That could have been at least one episode on its own, and instead we just heard about it summarized. I get not wanting (or possibly not being able to) get entirely new sets and cast entirely new people, but I still feel disappointed. It definitely felt strange to only have a summary of what had happened. Admittedly, I was disappointed enough that I think I enjoyed the rest of the episode slightly less because of it, but it wasn't like it was bad enough that I hated the episode. There was definitely quite a bit of good stuff in it.

I quite enjoy the friendship that seems to be developing between Lola and Elizabeth. Of course, I always want Lola to be Mary's friend before Elizabeth's, but it's still nice to see them getting along with each other.

We also saw Greer, even if it was only for a moment. I really hope she gets more to do soon because I miss her so much. She's definitely one of my favorite characters (probably second after Catherine), and considering that we had the break as well, it just feels like far too long since we've gotten to see much of her.

You know who else I really want to see more? Claude. I never would have thought I'd be saying that not too long ago, but she's grown to be one of my favorite characters. She also got to be in this episode a bit, but like Greer, it wasn't much. I'd really love for both of them to get some focus again. If that could happen through some sort of storyline that involved both of them, that would be even better.

Elizabeth demanding that Dudley marry Mary wasn't exactly surprising once the possibility of Mary marrying an Englishman was raised. Still, I think this storyline has the potential to be interesting mostly because Dudley and Mary will get to know each other. With all of the conflict between Mary and Elizabeth and then Dudley and Elizabeth's relationship, that should be very interesting.

I don't think they'll actually get married though. I'm not sure how everything will play out, but I don't see a marriage happening in the end. Mary will get out of it so that she's not a pawn. I'd love if Mary could convince Dudley that she wants to work with Elizabeth to prevent her from being assassinated and Dudley helped her convince Elizabeth that she was genuine. That would be pretty great, and I think it was a good chance of being what happens.

The last small thing that I have to comment on is that Mary went to Catherine when she needed advice and not anyone else. I love it. Their relationship continues to be one of my favorite things about the show, and I love how Catherine genuinely helps Mary each time too.

Despite not getting to see the Vatican, I'm holding out hope that we will get to see Mary go to Scotland. Even if I'm not sure what that means about all of the characters in France. I just think it would be really awesome to see her finally return to the country that she's queen of. But who knows when that will happen. (I feel like it has to happen eventually.)

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