Sunday, June 19, 2016

Life Post: Writing and Teeth Struggles

I've been terrible about writing absolutely anything for the past week or so. That includes blog posts but isn't limited to them. The past week has also included me struggling to work on my novel with varying success every day. I don't think I actually managed all that much. That's just the sort of mood I've been in the past week. Pretty much since the shooting in Orlando.

Hopefully, I'll be past that soon though. I plan on finishing up some edits on a fanfiction I've been working on. My first ever Mortal Instruments fanfiction actually. I've been working on it for months because I completely re-wrote it after not being happy with it. Considering it's only a one-shot of several thousand words, it's ridiculous how long it's taken me. I'm really excited to post the finished product though, so I think going through and doing the final edits will put me in a better mood towards writing. Plus, I'll finally have something I've been working on for ages out of the way.

In my last life post, I mentioned that my tooth was bothering. I've been to the dentist since. There was an explanation as to what was causing the pain, but I know I'll butcher it by trying to recount it. It was something about how my filling was too flat, which caused pain when I bit down. She reshaped the filling in about ten minutes but there wasn't anyway to test if eating would still hurt while I was there. Luckily, it doesn't hurt as badly. There are still times when I'm eating something crunchy or somewhat hard where there will be a bit of pain as soon as a bite down. Maybe I should go back to the dentist, but I honestly don't want to. I already had the filling done twice on top of this latest event. I'd rather just be done with it.

Talking about both troubles writing and my tooth problems led to this post being more negative than I would have liked. Whoops. In happier news, I've been packing for vacation yesterday and today, and I'm excited about that. Unfortunately, that's not exactly a topic that provides me with much to say.

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