Sunday, June 12, 2016

Reign Review: 3x16 "Clans"

Last week, I made a video review for Reign, which boiled down to me saying that I still wasn't that happy about what the show was doing. However, I also mentioned in that review that I understood that transitioning to showing Scotland was going to be difficult, and I was hopeful that it would get better once they were in Scotland.

We now have one episode in Scotland under our belts, and I don't think my optimism was displaced. While this week's episode didn't blow me away, I did enjoy it more than the episodes preceding it.

Of course, that was after I rolled my eyes at Mary, Narcisse, and Bash being the only three people to survive that ship wreck. Conveniently.

Ignoring that one detail that I think could have been handled better, I think the show is doing a good job with Scotland so far. I like that the people that everyone expected to be violent were the ones who  helped Mary, while the more "upstanding" group is the real danger.

One interesting bit from the story in Scotland was the Druid woman telling Sebastian that he has magic. I'm wondering what that could mean in the future.

Narcisse is a step closer to getting to England, but I don't understand why he left when he did. As everyone keeps mentioning, traveling through that area is dangerous, yet Narcisse went off alone. In my mind, it would have been safe (and smarter) for him if he'd stuck around until they got to Edinburgh and then convinced Mary to give him protection for traveling to England. At least until he was closer to the border. I don't understand why he made the decision that he did, but either way, I'm not a fan of Narcisse. I'm  fine with him no longer being involved in Mary's storyline, although I'm not looking forward to him reappearing in front of Lola.

Lola who currently believes Mary is dead. If Narcisse makes it to English court, I'm assuming he'll tell her the truth, and since I do think the writers will have him make it, I don't suspect she'll be mourning long.

Still, I'm glad her and Elizabeth's friendship is still on a positive path instead of Elizabeth punishing her over what happened with Mary. I love how their relationship has been handled. I only wish we could get a similar friendship between Mary and Elizabeth. I know what happens between them historically, but I think there's so much potential for an awesome friendship there in the show.

Meanwhile, in France, Charles takes up an ambitious challenge to overthrow his mother, which I knew from the beginning was going to blow up in his face. It seemed so obvious that I watched those parts of the episode while cringing, especially once Leith got wrapped up in it. It also seemed obvious that one of Charles' friends was going to be a traitor, although I'll admit that I guessed the wrong one.

What sucks about it failing is how close Leith and Claude came to being married. Despite not being able to let go of Greer/Leith entirely, I wouldn't be opposed to a Claude/Leith marriage, and while I knew it was doubtful that it would happen, I kind of hoped for it. Leith has begun to prove himself to Charles though, and that could mean a lot when it comes to being able to marry Claude. We'll see.

Overall, this episode seemed like buildup for what's coming next, and that holds true for the stories in France, England, and Scotland. I don't see that as a bad thing. It's gotten my attention, and I'm back to eagerly waiting to see what happens next.

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