Thursday, June 16, 2016

Reign Review: 3x17 "Intruders"

I'm happy to say that Reign is getting better in my eyes after that span of several episodes where I wasn't thrilled with the story. This episode was fun to watch despite having parts I wasn't as thrilled about (something I expect) as others, and that's a good thing considering it was the penultimate episode of the season, something I didn't realize until the preview for next week's episode.

Going ahead and getting the negative out of the way: I was less than thrilled about Narcisse and Lola reuniting. Not surprising since I've been vocal about how much I dislike Narcisse and his relationship with Lola. I'm not looking forward to whatever happens with them, but it's not like this was something I was unprepared for. I knew it would happen eventually.

Just about everything else in the episode was exciting for me. I have this feeling that Elizabeth and Lola are going to have a falling out, even if Lola doesn't kill her like Mary's letter asked her to. That's sad since I love their friendship, but I do feel like Elizabeth would easily turn on Lola if needed. Plus, Lola has been Mary's friend since they were children, and I would hate for there to be a storyline where Lola puts Elizabeth first. I also don't particularly want Lola to become an attempted murderer as enough characters on this show already are, but I'm intrigued by the storyline they've started with the possibility.

The end of the episode when Mary marches into her castle full of confidence and with blood all over her dress was my favorite moment of the entire episode. If I hadn't already been liking the episode, that one scene might have changed everything. I'm in love with it. I knew she would have to show up before the council's decision was final, but I still felt tension over the possibility of her being late. When she did burst through the doors, I felt like celebrating.

The finale looks like it's going to be epic too. I'm not sure how they're going to tie up the drama they've started in only one more episode. I think that's a large part of why I can't believe that next week is the finale. It seems like there's too much to accomplish. That most likely means we'll have a lot of loose ends going into next season, which I'm also up for. Whether the loose ends do get tied up somehow or not, the finale seems like it's going to be an exciting one.

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