Monday, July 4, 2016

Life Post: Happy 4th of July

I feel like the only posts I'm writing recently are these posts. Like I mentioned last time, I do have drafts of other posts saved, but at least one of them has to wait until my assigned day for Potterhead July and the others I do need to open up and edit.

Anyway, today's July 4th, so happy Independence Day to all the other Americans who read my blog. I'm not actually doing anything today. There was a cookout at my aunt and uncle's on Saturday. They hold it every year, but I have to say the weather this year was the best I ever remember it being. The temperature was perfect, and while there were a few sprinkles, it never rained all that hard. Too bad it can't be like that every year.

Despite the lack of rain at the cookout, it has been storming both yesterday and today. That hasn't stopped everyone from setting off fireworks. I've been hearing them since July 2nd. I think it is supposed to storm through the evening tonight, so we'll see if anyone sets them off on the actual holiday. Of all the holidays, the 4th of July might be the most inconvenient one to get rain on considering so much of it revolves around fireworks, but I know that I, for one, can't complain when it means we have the cooler temperatures that we've been having all weekend.

Whle I've been terrible at posting here recently, I did finally post on my writing blog (which I've been neglecting even more) a few days ago. I wrote about why writing romantic relationships sometimes feels intimidating to me. Feel free to check it out if you're interested.

I hope everyone celebrating the holiday tonight manages to have fun even if it's raining where you live too.

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