Monday, July 18, 2016

Life Post: My Laptop's Hard Drive Crashed

Time to write a blog post about something I'd rather not talk about anymore. As you can tell from the title of this post, I'm currently without a laptop. I'm writing this from my phone.

Saturday night, I opened my laptop after I'd left it sleeping for somewhere between a half hour and an hour. The laptop had Windows 8 of that will help you picture what I'm about to describe. Normally, when it's opened, the date and time came up. You would then press enter the bring up the login screen. Well, when I opened the computer, the time didn't even come up, just the background, and it stayed like that.

Eventually, I hit the power button to restart it. As it came on, it said it had to run automatic repair, and that led just to a black screen. So I restarted it again, and the same thing happened, over and over. My dad ran diagnostics on it, and that came up saying it was a hard drive failure. more laptop.

It really sucks. The laptop wasn't even very old. The warranty had just expired back in February. That wouldn't have mattered either though because I'm pretty certain this is a delayed consequence of spilling coffee on the computer almost a year ago. When the guy replaced the keyboard after that happened he said that he'd cleaned it the best he could, but that he couldn't get all of it. He'd said that it could very well affect the hard drive eventually, so I'd been worrying about this happening since. (It's hard to go back and check old posts on my phone, but it's very likely I brought up that I was worried about this in a post.)

So, that's what's been going on the past few days. I'm extremely thankful to have my phone which lets me still do a lot of what I could do on a laptop, even if it's often more difficult. I do have two videos that I've filmed though that I can't edit. Hopefully I'll have a new laptop sometime this week since I go back to school this coming weekend. We'll see what happens.

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