Friday, July 15, 2016

Life Post: Update on My Finger and Moving

Update on that finger that got shut in a car door: It's doing a lot better. The swelling is gone, although the place where it's cut still puffs up a bit and is a little tough when you press on it. I think that's because it's where the finger got damaged the most, so it's healing. Once the swelling went down, my entire finger bruised more than before, but that bruising has mostly gone away. The bruising is now concentrated at the top of my finger. There's some on the outside of the finger, but the bruise on the inside tip of my finger is the worst. It's still better than before, but it's making touching things with that finger not the greatest feeling right now. (It's kind of tingly when it brushes against things.) I'm back to typing with the finger, but I get that feeling every time it presses down on the key. Still, at the rate the bruise has been going away, it should be normal again soon.

In other news, I move back to Indianapolis in about a week, and it's turned into something very stressful. There's still some uncertainty about how I'm going to get moved into my dorm. That's a long story that will only put me in a negative mood if I tell it though. The important thing is that I can stay with my sister until then, so I'm not completely lost and without a place to live.

The happier news about the end of summer is that I finished the first draft of the story I was writing. It had been my goal to finish it before school started back. I'd scheduled it all out and everything, and I thought that, at the rate I was writing, I would likely finish within days of going back. Instead, I finished it a week and a half earlier. It feels good to have that off my back.

I think that's the biggest news I've got. Most of my energy this week will likely be devoted to packing, especially now that I have to decide what's coming up with me immediately and what's coming when I actually move in later. I'm also trying to prepare myself for student teaching, although I"m not sure if there's much I can do beyond what I've already done. I just want to be as prepared as possible.

Over on my writing blog, I posted a piece of flash fiction about guilty pleasures. I'm not really sure where it came from other than the fact that I saw the phrase "guilty pleasure" and that story is what happened.

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