Thursday, July 7, 2016

Naruto Shippuden Review: Episodes 336-340

After seeing each of the episodes about Kabuto's past, I have to say that he's still my least favorite villain in Naruto. Maybe that's because I'd already become too prejudiced against him to be swayed by his story. I do, however, appreciate him becoming more of a complex character, and I felt sad when you see his old friend refer to Kabuto as his brother and say that he keeps hoping Kabuto will come back. That managed to tug at my heart strings, I won't deny that. It left me really hoping that Kabuto does wind up going back someday.

Still, as far as all of the villains in the story go, Kabuto remains my least favorite. I'd rather watch a storyline with just about any other villain, so I'm okay with getting past that point in the story.

My favorite part of this set of episodes was the interaction between Itachi and Sasuke. I loved Itachi teaching Sasuke about history of their clan that he hadn't known previously, and I loved that he told Sasuke that he loved him, as I feel like that is more closure than Sasuke ever got before.

Speaking of closure, I'm torn about Tsunade getting to see Dan again. Sasuke and Itachi had more time to talk, which is one of the biggest reasons I like the idea of it providing closure for Sasuke. Tsunade saw Dan much more briefly, and to me, it felt far more likely to bring up old wounds than provide closure. If she did manage to get more closure from it than she had before, then I suppose that's a good thing. I just don't see how it's possible from that short moment alone. It was definitely a touching moment though. I'll give it that.

Where episode 340 ends seems to be a natural cutting off point as the reanimation jutsu ends. I'm not sure what will come in the next several episodes. The fights with both Madaras are still going on, so I'm sure that whatever is in store will be exciting.

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