Saturday, August 20, 2016

Life Post: Tales of IDs and Barcodes

The week since my last life post has been eventful, and that has meant that I have felt exhausted. I slept for ten hours last night, and I have to admit that it was wonderful.

On Wednesday, I got back to campus after student teaching for the day, and my ID card wouldn't open the door to our dorm building. (Our campus has scanners on all the dorm buildings, so you scan your ID if you live there and it lets you in. You also have to scan it to get onto your particular floor. The building I lived in the last two years required you scanning to get into your room too, but this year I'm in a building with actual keys to the rooms.)

Someone else let me into the building, and I checked our RD's office, but no one was in there. (I called the number too, which went to a machine.) My next thought was to go to the housing office. Well, there's construction going on around the building that office is in, and it's supposed to be moved to a different building. That would have been fine except I walked up and down that building and couldn't find the office.

Finally, I went to the police station, which happens to still be in the building that the housing office used to be in. They called the RD for me and actually got ahold or her. She said that, according to the system, I should have been allowed in, but she reset it to see if that would fix it. It didn't, which let to several more walks across campus (still in the sweater I'd worn at school that day and lugging everything around with me, which is what made it so terrible).

The police station is also where you get student IDs, but the machine had been broken during all of this and they were trying to fix it. Luckily, they got it fixed right after I tried the ID again and it didn't work, so I went back to the police station, got a new ID, and that was solved. After trial and error, they figured that my old ID had just worn out and couldn't scan anymore. I had, after all, had it since I began freshman year.

I have to say I was quite exhausted after that took up most of my afternoon/early evening.

I still had to register the barcode on the ID with dining services after that if I wanted to use my meal plan, but after multiple trips, I never wound up at the office when someone was actually in the office. Then, this morning, I went to Starbucks, prepared to use the barcode on my old ID, which they said I could do. Their scanner was broken, so they were writing barcodes down instead. I explained about having two IDs (and therefore barcodes) at the moment, and the woman taking down numbers wrote them both down and said she'd register the new barcode for me. That was a nice ending to what had turned into a massive struggle.

That story wasn't meant to take that long. I didn't realize how much there was to say about it all until it was written down. Now I feel like I'm complaining, but it was definitely a huge hassle that I'm glad is finished.

In other news, I've created my first lesson plan for student teaching. I've been leading parts of class almost every day for the past week or two, but this is the first time I've planned something. I teach it Monday, so that's exciting.

We also had our first class that goes along with student teaching, and it went well. I didn't realize how many stories I had about student teaching until I had an opportunity to share them with other people. School has definitely been eventful.

Today is move in day, so campus suddenly feels a whole lot busier than it has been since I moved in early. I feel bad since everyone who moved in today had to do so in the rain. I just walked to Starbucks earlier and was soaked.

Now the semester really feels like it's underway though, and it's hit me that this is my last one. Pretty soon, I won't even know when I'll be on campus next after living here for more than four years. That's strange, and I'm sure it will only get stranger once we reach the end of the semester.

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