Monday, September 12, 2016

Life Post: Mostly Writing

This is another one of those posts where I had the realization "I haven't written one of these in almost two weeks!" and decided that I really needed to write one tonight. However, I don't have much to say that isn't what I have said in my past several life posts.

Student teaching continues to go well, and it also continues to take up the vast majority of my time, which means that most of my days are stuff that I can't recount here on the blog.

As far as things outside of student teaching goes, I've mostly been writing. After reading Cursed Child, I had a strong desire to write a Harry Potter fanfiction, so I've been doing that. You can kind of call it an alternate Cursed Child I suppose, but I'm not writing it as a "This is Cursed Child but better" sort of thing. I just really like some aspects of Cursed Child (like Scorpius' personality and his friendship with Al) and wanted to explore those in a story that I actually liked, so this fanfiction is me having fun with that. I'm really liking writing it so far.

I also have about three other fanfiction one-shots that I'm working on right now, and they're all closed to finished. At least one of them I think that I'm going to post later this week after I go through the edits that my beta reader sent me, so that should be fun.

That really is just about the only two things I've been doing, which I'm not that upset about. There is also searching for jobs, but since that topic makes me nervous just thinking about it, I'd rather not go into great detail here. Maybe once I actually have a job...

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