Monday, September 19, 2016

Life Post: Student Teaching Midterm (i.e. I'm Halfway Done. Wow.)

Today was my midterm for student teaching, so I figured that was a large enough milestone that I should write something to commemorate it. It's so difficult to believe that I'm halfway through student teaching already, yet at the same time, it's not hard to believe at all.

The midterm itself was basically a conference with my cooperating teacher, my university supervisor, and me. We'd all filled out a rubric before that evaluated my performance so far, and today I had to lead a discussion about it. The entire thing went well, and I came out of it feeling positive.

However, the fact that student teaching is half over is also bittersweet. Typically, I would be switching placements now, but I'm actually staying at the same school for the entire sixteen weeks. (I was originally signed up to do two placements, but it was recommended by a professor that I do one placement, not just to me but to others as well.) I'm thankful for that too because I've really grown to love where I'm at and the students there. Now I'm starting to think about leaving and how sad it's going to be to leave before the year's even half over.

That's not for another nine weeks though, so I shouldn't be worrying about it now. Plus, I have plenty of other stuff to worry about, like finding a job. That should hold off the sadness because it's taking up quite a bit of time as well.

Things are good though. I'm very busy, but aside from the moments where I just really want to sleep, I'm enjoying most of what I'm doing. It would just be nice if the future didn't feel so terrifying right about now.

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