Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Life Post: Fall Break

I thought I'd written one of these posts just a couple of days ago, but as it turns out, it was nearly two weeks ago. Whoops.

My fall break has started as of Friday, and it's feeling pretty strange to not be going to school. (I say after only one full day that I typically would have been at school for.) Since the school I student teach at his on a balanced schedule, we get two weeks of fall break. That doesn't mean two weeks of just resting though. I have to have my entire unit planned before we start back, since I start teaching it that first day back.

Before break, I'd already made decent progress with my unit plan, but there is still more than enough to do in the time given to us. I'll manage to figure it out. I'm sure.

Maybe I'll have more to say later in fall break when more has happened. As of right now, that's basically it.

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