Saturday, October 15, 2016

Life Post: Writing, Unit Planning, Kentucky Down Under, Etc.

As it turns out, fall break is shaping up to be somewhat busy. There's a lot I need to get done by the end of fall break, so most of my time has been focusing on that. Some of it is taking longer than I had planned.

I know I've been talking about the Harry Potter fanfiction I'm writing because I'm just so in love with it that I keep gushing about it. However, I took a break from writing it for a few days in order to work on other stuff more. It was only a few days, and I actually did work on my novel over that time, so it wasn't a complete break from writing to do other things. That being said, I started writing the fanfiction again yesterday. I'm still so incredibly excited to be writing it, so at least I haven't burnt out on it yet.

There were two things I was really focusing on when I took my break from writing: my unit plan and getting some stuff together for an application (that I'm gradually talking more about despite telling myself that I wouldn't).

Immediately when school starts back, I'll be teaching my own unit plan. The entire unit is planned, yet I don't feel like it is. I don't feel like it's ready despite having at least a general idea of what is happening each day and a much more detailed idea of what's happening for the first half of the unit. I still feel like there's so much to do, and truthfully, there is. A lot goes into this sort of thing, and I'm sure there are things that I've forgotten that I'll only realize later. This is much more intimidating than just creating individual lesson plans, which was what I had been doing up to that point. Even though I'm pretty much only doing a bunch of those together (and doing everything that goes along with them), I think I'm making myself feel like it's even more intimidating than that. At any rate, I've been spending a lot of time on that and acting like I won't be able to do anything with the unit plan once I'm already teaching the beginning of it (including trying to make every single worksheet and handout before the end of break).

Then, like I said, I'm applying for a job. Let's just leave it there for now. That much isn't shocking since I graduate in December, but I'm going to stay somewhat vague, since this has no guarantee of happening, and I don't want to talk all about something that doesn't happen.

What I will say is that 1. I have to get an FBI background check, and because I messed up the last application, I had to schedule a new fingerprinting appointment for next week, which is great. And 2. I had to get a physical yesterday, which involved peeing in a cup. That was an adventure and one I'd be okay with never having again. I still have to get a TB test, but I have to go back for that next week, since they wouldn't have been able to read it in 48 hours because of the weekend.

Wow, this feels like even more stuff now that I've written it all out, but I'm not actually done. Today my family and I went to Kentucky Down Under, which was a lot of fun. I don't actually think I'm going to talk about it much now because I filmed some stuff there. We got to feed and pet kangaroos though, which was pretty awesome, and I got to pet some horses, one of whom was pressing his face into my stomach and it was wonderful. Oh, and a lorikeet pooped on me, so that was fun.

Overall, I'd say that fall break is going pretty well, even if I still have quite a bit to get done before it's over. Fingers crossed that, when break comes to a close, I'll feel like I've actually accomplished everything that I need to.

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