Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Life Post: Units and Student Teaching

It's been nearly two weeks since my last life post. Whoops. I can't blame myself though considering how things have been. The last time I wrote one I was in the middle of my last week of fall break.

After coming back after fall break, I began teaching my unit. My student teaching program (and I imagine many other student teaching programs) is set up in a way that's meant to gradually give you more responsibility in the classroom, so I had been teaching more and more throughout the semester. Then that culminates in you teaching an entire unit that you've planned yourself. Though I had begun teaching several lessons a week before, teaching everything has definitely been an adjustment. Just yesterday I was running about a bit frantically before school started trying to get everything done before first period (after arriving earlier than normal to school too).

Now we're in the second week of that, and I won't lie and say I'm not tired. It's a bit difficult to focus on anything else. I even took a break from writing for a few days last week because I needed that. It's also exciting though, and I think that just the past week has taught me a lot.

The other side of this is that it means student teaching is almost over, which is so hard to believe. After student teaching, I've graduated, and that's a terrifying thought. Actually, the really strange thing is the gap when my student teaching will have ended but I still have to meet with my night class and complete my final project to graduate. Though I'll have that final project to work on, that's going to be a strange amount of free time for a few weeks. I can't imagine what that will feel like after all of this.

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